Just for Kids on Your Disney Cruise

Kids’ Clubs Hours

With the exception of Embarkation Day, the operating hours for the Oceaneer Club and Lab are 9:00 am to midnight or 1:00 am. Fewer activities are scheduled and hours can be shorter when the ship is in port. Later in the evening, mats are provided for younger children whose parents may be out past the little one’s bedtime.

Checking kids in and out

Parents should plan on checking in their kids for the programs on Embarkation Day. You should start this process during your online check in for your cruise. Kids don’t have to participate then, but that’s the best time to get the paperwork completed, get your child’s ID bracelet, and learn the check-in/check-out system. This can be done at the port before you even board the ship.  Check the Personal Navigator for check-in times once onboard. Parents can also receive messages using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app on their smartphones. The clubs will use the DCL Navigator app to contact parents if needed.

All children must wear a wristband with vital information such as name, age group, stateroom number, pertinent medical information, and whether or not they have parental permission to sign themselves out of the clubs on their own (this privilege is only available to kids 8 and older, younger kids cannot sign themselves out). Because of the computer chip in the bands, counselors can check in a computer at any given time and know exactly where a child is.  When checking in and out, the child will tap their band to a scanner at the club’s entrance.  This pulls up their information in the computer for the counselors.  A password will be required by the adult checking the children out.

Special Needs

Children with special needs are welcome, simply give the Oceaneer Club or Lab advance notice so that they can schedule an extra counselor if necessary. There are also some counselors who know sign language to assist children who are hearing impaired. With Cast Members from over 50 countries around the world, many foreign language needs can also be addressed.

Food in Kids’ Clubs

There are no snacks or drinks provided throughout the day unless a cooking class is held (cookies or cupcakes). There are water fountains available.  The counselors cannot force kids to eat meals, but they will make an announcement and encourage the kids to join the group.

Small World Nursery (infants 6 months-3 years)

This group babysitting center is designed for little ones from 6 months to 3 years of age. This is the only option open to parents of the little ones as there is no in-room babysitting service on the ship. Unlike the planned programs for the older children, the nursery has a charge of $9 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. For additional children in the same family, the charge is $8 per hour. Cancellations can be made without penalty 4 hours in advance. The nursery is filled with hands-on features that will keep the kids busy for hours, such as horns to honk, wheels to spin, and buttons to press. Kids will enjoy the crafts, books, and games and love sitting at the tables that are just their size.  There is a second room that is kept dimly lit and calm, perfect for naptime.

There are a maximum of four infants (those not yet walking) and 16 toddlers allowed, depending on the number of Counselors on hand. Parents are required to provide their own diapers/Pull-Ups, baby wipes, extra clothing/pajamas, pre-made bottles of milk/formula labeled with the child’s name, baby food in jars, sippy cups, and security items such as blankets, pacifiers, or a favorite toy. Parents will need to carry their smart phones with them so they can be contacted in case of a medical or emotional need via the Navigator app. Caregivers are not qualified to administer medication but there is a trained CPR/First Aid Crew Member present at all times.

It’s a Small World Nursery that must be reserved in advance. 10 hours worth of reservations can be made online up to:

  • First-Time Guests = 75 days prior to sail date
  • Silver Castaway Club Member = 90 days prior to sail date
  • Gold Castaway Club Member = 105 days prior to sail date
  • Platinum Castaway Club Member = 120 days prior to sail date
  • Pearl Castaway Club Member = 123 days prior to sail date
  • Concierge Guests = 130 days prior to sail date = Concierge Guests can book onboard activities up to 130 days prior to sail date by contacting the Shoreside Concierge Associate team. Online booking for Concierge Guests is available 123 days prior to sail date.

You can also make or alter your reservations during the open house on Embarkation Day on a first-come, first-served basis. Because space is extremely limited, be sure to book your child’s nursery stay early. Additional times may be added later based on availability.

Oceaneer Club (3-10 years)

The Oceaneer Club is the place where your kids will want to spend all their time on a Disney Cruise. The fantastical decor will transport them to the wonderful world of fairies, monsters, toys, and undersea journeys. The Club and Lab are connected with a secure, kids-only hallway, so children can go between the two areas freely.

The Club is set up with a central rotunda as the hub, and the other rooms branch off from there. The rotunda’s ceiling is covered with constellations of Disney characters.  A stage allows kids to express their creativity and storytelling, plus is the perfect place to host the Disney characters when they visit!  A large-screen plasma TV show movies and occasionally allows Crush the turtle to come to visit and chat with the kids!

** On Castaway Cay, a special kid’s play area called Scuttle’s Cove is open from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. On this day, kids can ONLY be checked into the club at Scuttle’s Cove – there is no onboard program until after 4:00. Plenty of fun activities are planned, including a “dig” and treasure hunt. Parents can be assured that Scuttle’s Cove is not near the water and that kids checked into the program on Castaway Cay will not be taken near the water by the counselors.  Lunch will be served at Scuttle’s Cove as well. Parents and children must check-in and out at the desk and security are of the utmost importance here. The Oceaneer Club is for children 3 to 10 years of age and they must be toilet-trained.

Oceaneer Lab (3-10 years)

Disney’s Oceaneer Lab will take kids on a great adventure full of maps, constellations, and even a stage for all of their greatest performances!  This stage is one of the main gathering spaces in the Lab – perfect for kids to listen to stories and to act out their own.  Individual computer stations will allow them to enjoy interactive games.  Disney movies will be shown on the 103-inch plasma TV; animated characters will come to life on this screen and interact with the kids.  The main room is also the beginning of a ship-wide adventure where kids will become explorers and hunt for clues. The Club and Lab are connected with a secure, kids-only hallway, so children can go between the two areas freely.

**** Throughout the day, Disney characters are on hand to meet and greet the little cruisers as well. The Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab offer age-specific programs with lots of fun, interesting hands-on activities to keep the younger set entertained.

Edge (11-14 years)

Edge is the “tween” club – only kids ages 11 – 14 can enter!  Located on all Disney ships, Edge is decorated in bright colors and retro decor.

Disney knows how much kids love technology, and Edge is full of it!  There are individual computer stations with notebook computers available to play games and access a special onboard social media application designed just for them. With this application, kids can leave each other messages and post photos and videos for their new onboard friends.

Kids can create their own photo postcards and star in video karaoke using green-screen technology.

One whole wall of the club is an 18-foot long, 5-foot tall video wall, perfect for video games and watching movies.  This video wall can be used as one large screen or separated into any combination of individual screens.

Ready for a dance party at any time, there is a lighted dance floor with colored lights in the ceiling.  A 10-foot video screen comes down from the ceiling to provide music video backgrounds and lighting effects.

One of the great things about Edge’s location in the funnel is the views of the pool decks below.  The windows are made so that kids can see out, but guests on the decks can’t see in.  Another cool feature is that the AquaDuck water coaster winds through the funnel and three portholes in Edge give silhouetted views of the riders as they zip through the funnel.

Vibe (14-17 years)

The vibe is exclusively for teens aged 14-17 and offered on all Disney ships.

Technology reigns here at Vibe and the central area of the space is a media room, complete with a 103-inch LCD screen with digital surround sound, perfect for watching movies and playing video games.  Computer stations allow access to a special onboard social media application designed just for them. With this application, kids can leave each other messages and post photos and videos for their new onboard friends.

The room’s walls are lined with built-in oval seats made to look like portholes.  These nooks are perfect for hanging out and watching TV, reading, or listening to music.

A dance club area lets teens test out their DJ skills, spinning and mixing tracks for the dance party.  The floor is lit with colorful lights and features a video wall.  A stage will play host to talent shows, karaoke contests, and dance competitions.

Just like the adult clubs, Vibe offers a fountain bar serving non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda, juice, smoothies, and coffee drinks.

On the Dream and Fantasy, the fun doesn’t stop inside the club.  A private deck area outside means teens never have to leave!  Chairs and loungers are great for sunbathing, and when the sun gets too hot, there are two wading pools, fountains, jets and misters to help cool you down.  If sunbathing isn’t your thing, ping pong and foosball are available as well.

We hope your kiddos enjoy all the MAGIC offered on their cruise!

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