Why you should book your Disney Cruise early…

Disney Cruise Line typically releases their itineraries about 18 months prior to sailing.  Most people aren’t sure about what they are doing in the next month rather than 18 months down the road!  However, this is one vacation where booking early could save you hundreds of dollars! Here’s why…

Historically, Disney Cruise Line prices will never be as low as on opening day.  The demand for Disney Cruises is high, especially during school breaks and summer.  As the ship fills up, the pricing will go up.   If there is even a thought that you may wish to cruise, book it!   Unless you are booking concierge level, your deposit is fully refundable until final payment.  If you are looking for concierge level, you still have the option to move your cruise dates should your plans change.

Other benefits of booking early include …

You will have first dibs on stateroom preference.  This is especially important for guest who have a particular stateroom in mind, wish to have adjoining rooms, or have their heart set on a specific location on the ship.  Prime stateroom locations will fill up quicker. 

You will also have first choice of dining times.  Main dining tends to fill up first.  After this fills, guests will have to go on a waiting list or check availability upon arrival to their ship to see if there is availability for their preferred time.  Disney Cruise Line always tries their best to accommodate their guest but why even worry about it.  Book early and know that you will have the option to get what you want without the extra hassle.



Disney Cruise Line announced that early 2022 itineraries will open to the general public for booking on October 22, 2020. If you can see a Disney Cruise in your future, reach out!!  You have nothing to lose, only save!



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