Capture Your Moments With Photos

Did you know that Walt Disney World offers private photo sessions that use Disney’s Professional Photographers?


With the Capture Your Moment photo package offered at Magic Kingdom, you can have a personalized 20-minute photo session to capture your special and magical day. I was able to experience TWO of these amazing sessions on a recent trip on property in January.

The first session that I was a part of was with 6 of my fellow PPV teammates.

We booked our group session about two weeks in advance of our gathering.  We wanted to experience what our clients would experience by booking a session ourselves and seeing what types of amazing photos could be taken.

At our appointment time, the team and I met our Photopass Photographer at the front of Magic Kingdom park in Town Square Hall.

When we arrived, he asked us some basic questions on what we kind of photos we were looking to take, and if we had any particular backdrops for our photos.  We chose to take some fun group shots along with individual portraits, all in front of Cinderella’s Castle! We were very happy with how much time the photographer spent with us to make sure we were happy with our photos!


The second session that I was part of was with my own family on a later day in our trip.

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom for park opening, we had not yet booked a session and I was pleasantly surprised that there were many available time slots to choose from throughout the day!  I was able to provide my information and pay the session fee right at the counter in Town Square Hall.

When we returned later in the day to Town Square Hall at our appointment time, I was able to talk with our photographer about special requests such as not wanting to face the sun and have to squint in our pictures.  He was able to recommend 4 locations that still allowed my family to take our desired shots around Cinderella’s Castle!



The biggest takeaway that I gathered from both of these sessions was the absolute VIP experience that you get.

  • You are the star of the show and the photographers were not afraid to po
  • Often groups of people passing by would want to “wait in line” for our photographer, where they were politely told that we had a private session currently in progress.
  • For my family’s session the photographers were very patient with my children, often coaching them on how to pose or letting them take a silly shot.  The photographers were constantly looking for unique situations or spontaneous moments to capture, and oh boy did they!

Each 20-minute session gets you one main park location to take your photos. Although we chose for both of our sessions to take place in front of Cinderella’s Castle, you can have your picture taken at any area in the park.

Booking a Capture Your Moment photo session should be done in advance to pick the best date and time that fits your family’s needs. With that said, finding an open session time on the day of doesn’t seem to be a problem if you are feeling spontaneous and book your session early enough in the day.

The great thing about these sessions is you can book up to three sessions at a time, this would give you a full hour with at least 3 picture locations. You can have up to 8 individuals in your group, a park ticket and park pass reservation for Magic Kingdom is required, as well as Memory Maker.

Capture Your Moment on your next Walt Disney World Vacation, ask your PPV Agent for more details! 

Christa Andrews