There’s a new way to do characters at Walt Disney World that includes fun interaction with social distancing in mind, and it’s called Character Cavalcades! While character experiences are currently modified to follow guidelines that promote social distancing and safety for guests and cast members, you still have many opportunities to see them and even take some creative selfies! Walt Disney World spent a great deal of time working on plans in preparation for the July 11 reopening making sure guests would still experience the magic, but in the safest way possible. And believe me, the MAGIC IS BACK!

My family and I were walking down Main Street USA on our first day back in the parks since reopening taking in the beauty of the newly painted Cinderella’s Castle, enjoying the smells from the Confectionary, getting giddy listening to the happy tunes playing. It brought the magic to life once again for me and flooded my mind with past Disney memories. It’s just one of those feelings you never forget! We had stopped in Starbucks for our morning coffee and breakfast treat when out of nowhere the jolly music turned louder! I started looking around to see what was happening and noticed others doing the same. My 6 year old tugs on my shirt yelling, “Look Mom! There’s Merida!” Sure enough as I look up, I see Merida riding down Main Street atop her gorgeous Clydesdale horse, Angus. Parents and children started yelling with excitement and laughter at this surprise. And, what an unexpected surprise it was! Guests were waving, some turning around snapping selfies, while others were yelling “Merida!” This “pop-up parade” was perfect! We got to see one of our favorite characters waving, blowing kisses, and the best part was we didn’t have to wait in line!

Each park offers Character Cavalcades featuring different characters. Even when the weather turns rainy, you can catch the Rainy Day Cavalcade featuring the princesses in Magic Kingdom. In Animal Kingdom, you’ll find Donald and Friends jammin’ down Discovery River in their pontoon boat! At Epcot, you won’t want to miss Anna riding in a beautiful horse drawn carriage with Elsa leading the way. Over at Hollywood Studios, you will spot some of your favorite characters in their super fancy themed cars that you just have to see for yourself! There are plenty more cavalcades to enjoy at each of the parks, but I don’t want to spoil all of them for you!

The character experiences don’t just stop with the cavalcades, either. You will also find some favorites at unexpected locations in each park! Just to name a few, you may see…Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland in the gazebo of the United Kingdom pavilion of Epcot, Buzz and Stitch in Tomorrowland, Pooh and Friends outside of Crystal Palace, Jack Sparrow near the Pirates of the Caribbean, Joy frolicking and Pooh hunting butterflies in Future World, or Rey, Chewbacca, Vi Moradi, and the storm troopers on planet Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge.

To have these cavalcades pop-up throughout the day, it was certainly a magical surprise for all, and I loved this new modified experience. While things may look a little different right now at Walt Disney World, one thing’s for sure…the magic is still there and is very much alive!



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