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Disneyland Fast Pass Attractions & Tips

Disneyland Fast Pass Tips!

Click here for the Disneyland Fast Pass Attraction List

  • Some rides distribute FASTPASSes more quickly than others. Space Mountain at Disneyland and Radiator Springs Racers and Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure often run out of FASTPASSes early in the day.
  • Many rides at Disney California Adventure run through their FASTPASS distribution very quickly, so utilize them in the morning before they run out. Disneyland Park usually has many more FASTPASS choices available later in the evening.
  • Grizzly River Run, Goofy’s Sky School, The Haunted Mansion (but not Haunted Mansion Holiday), Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin (when there’s no fireworks that night) and “it’s a small world” can usually be your lowest priority FASTPASS acquisitions since they are often still distributing return times in the afternoon and evening.
  • Download the free Disneyland Park App to check ride wait times and current FASTPASS distribution return times before walking over to the distribution area.
  • Acquire your second pass (even if you have not used your first one yet). In the morning, plan to use your FASTPASS near the end of the return window (you can arrive up to 10 minutes late) and take advantage of the shorter morning lines for rides that do not offer FASTPASS.
  • FASTPASS distribution can run out and frequently does during peak times for the most popular attractions.
  • The FASTPASS return time is strictly enforced. You will need to return within the designated return time in order to enter the FASTPASS queue. (You can usually use your FASTPASS up to 5 minutes early or up to 10 minutes late.)
  • FASTPASSes only are valid on the day they are issued.
  • Always look at your FASTPASS return tickets after you’ve printed them. Verify that each of your party members has received FASTPASSes for the same return window. If you pull your next FASTPASS too soon after obtaining your previous FASTPASSes, you will be printed a ticket that says you are not yet eligible to obtain the FASTPASS.
  • A number of FASTPASS attractions also offer Single Rider Lines, which are usually just as short as FASTPASS and do not have time restrictions. If your party members are at least seven years old and don’t mind being separated on the ride itself, this is the way to go! Keep in mind that if the single rider line gets too long they will close the single rider line temporarily. Radiator Springs Racers and Space Mountain are our favorite go-to Single Rider lines. The Matterhorn tops the list, too.
  • Consider a Buddy Pass for Toy Story Midway Mania or Monsters Inc. to shorten the wait. The Buddy Pass is similar to a Single Rider line for small parties of one or two guests (possibly three — two adults and a small child) to fill empty rows for these rides. You do not get special requests for seating and these passes are subject to availability. Larger parties will be separated.
  • FASTPASS for World of Color is distributed near The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. This the best (FREE!) way to ensure you get preferred viewing for this popular show. If you are park-hopping and want to hop back into California Adventure for the last show of World of Color, be sure to pick up a FASTPASS for it earlier in the day. They may require you to have a valid ticket and FASTPASS to get back into the park, especially if show time is right at park closing. (Note: world of Color under refurbishment until sometime in 2019.)
  • Pick up a FASTPASS for a show like Fantasmic! or World of Color early and hold onto it until show time. Obtaining a show FASTPASS will not affect your ability to acquire a ride FASTPASS as the systems are disconnected from each other.
  • If you have a baby, toddler or preschooler who is under 3 years old but able to see a show or go on a FASTPASS ride, you do not need a FASTPASS for him or her. Children under 3 do not have a ticket to put into the machine. Just tell the ride attendant, and he or she will wave you through as long as everyone else has valid FASTPASSes.
  • If you are traveling with a child who does not meet the height requirement for a ride, you can combine Rider Switch with FASTPASS.
  • Guests using Disability Access Service (DAS) can also utilize FASTPASS. When traveling with a friend or family member who uses DAS, we tend to schedule rides that don’t have FASTPASS with DAS and obtain FASTPASSes for eligible rides.
  • If some members of your party use MaxPass (sometimes one person will purchase MaxPass so the group can enjoy the included PhotoPass downloads) while the others use free FASTPASS, you should all use the FASTPASS distribution machines to get the same return window. Keep in mind the person with MaxPass may have a shorter window to wait before they are eligible to obtain a new FASTPASS. (The MaxPass longest wait is 90 minutes vs. 120 minutes for regular FASTPASS users.) Go by the longest waiting period in the group so that you can all obtain the next FASTPASSes at the same time.