What Is Disney Free Dining All About?

Here are a few tips and insight into our days with free dining promo release!

1. To a travel agent, this is the “Black Friday” of Disney travel…if you will 🙂 It begins in the middle of the night, the wait times are crazy, availability is super limited, and everyone wants in on the action!!

2. Keep in mind, as your vacation planner and agent, we LOVE this day almost as much as you do! We pride ourselves in getting you to Disney under the very best deal possible. So know that we are working our hardest….LITERALLY ….to get it for you! We make spreadsheets, chart trends, set our alarms to go off every 15 min in the middle of the night if we suspect it’s coming, and we game plan for every possible scenario.

3. But also remember- FREE DINING isn’t free to everyone! As much as we’d LOVE for every single one of our clients to get this amazing promo, the fact is, Disney did not design it this way. Availability under the sale is VERY limited. Restrictions such as time of year, resort, and even room category do make getting you Free Dining no easy feat. They do not consult us on the number of available rooms per resort nor do they release the details of what’s coming ahead of time.

4. If free dining is offered for a particular resort, that does NOT mean the entire resort is available for this promo. In the same way, if you hear us say free dining is “sold out” at a particular resort on property, this does NOT mean that the entire resort is sold out. It simply means the number of rooms Disney allocated for this particular sale to this particular resort (and it can be different for every resort and again, they do not give us those numbers) has been booked and booking at full price will resume for the remaining rooms on property (until or unless another sale comes out at a later date).

5. Free dining is a super fab way to SAVE but it’s also a great opportunity to UPGRADE. At times, you can stay at the same price point but jump up to the next category of resort (from Value to Moderate or Moderate to Deluxe). Now is the time to try out that swanky spot you’ve been eying but not wanting to pay top dollar for. Fireworks from your balcony, yes please! Monorail right into the park….don’t mind if I do!

6. Finally, and probably something you won’t hear most agents say out loud, remember …..our services to you are FREE! This is made possible due to the fact that we’re paid by Disney, not the client, and that is based upon a percentage of the total sale. So as we’re saving you thousands (and we do every year), personally, we are LOSING money. We don’t want you to feel sorry for us, we just want you to understand how absolutely important it is to us that you get the deal you deserve!!! We take our job as your eyes and ears through Disney very seriously…..so seriously in fact, that we’re happy to take a hit from our own paychecks so that you can be ensured the very best deal available!!

The free dining frenzy is finally here and I’ve already had so much fun working with you all day ……bringing you updated totals, brainstorming savings strategies, and even helping create a back up plan if the sale didn’t work for you this time around. You all are the sweetest and every single one of you have been fabulously excited for the savings or fabulously patient and gracious as you begin to dream of the next potential Disney discount.

Lots of love to our mousketeer mommas!!!xoxo!!