A nice money saving option for families when traveling to Walt Disney World is resort grocery delivery service.  Did you know that all Disney parks allow outside food and non-alcoholic beverages to be brought in to the parks (see the link at the end of the article for further info on Walt Disney World park policies and rules)?  This is huge for families looking to save on the cost of park food!  Now I’m not saying you need to make ALL of your meals!  After all, you are on vacation, and Disney dining is worth the splurge.  But, planning for some in-room meals, snacks, and picnic lunches at the parks is definitely do-able and cost-effective!

Your room type will help guide you on what you can realistically keep in your room.  All standard Walt Disney World resort rooms include mini fridges, coffee makers, and some shelving for storage.  It’s easy to store room or fridge temperature items in these rooms.  You will not have the option for frozen foods or foods that need a microwave or toaster.

If you decide to book a family suite or villa for your vacation, you will have the convenience of kitchenettes and/or full kitchens with all the fixings of home.  In this case, you can do a little more in terms of types of food you get.


So how do you get your groceries delivered?  We have experience with several different vendor option deliveries. Once you chose your vendor of choice and set your delivery time, groceries will be delivered to and held at bells services until you are able to pick them up.

Garden Grocer or Orlando Grocery Express– Both are reliable and have a great reputation!  We have been impressed with both

companies and often recommend them as our preferred vendors.

  • Pros- No minimum order, can deliver alcohol, offer discounts when booking early or partner with other vendors
  • Cons- Can have some limits on times of delivery, selections can be limited, must think ahead (at least 15 days in advance) as delivery time slots may fill up, delivery fees apply if order is under a certain dollar amount, does not deliver to certain resorts such as the Swan and Dolphin

Amazon Prime- If you are a Prime member, this could be a great option to use for your delivery service.  Prime Now shops local stores and the Amazon site for groceries and household items.

  • Pros- Can also order non-grocery items, fast delivery, convenient, no delivery fee for orders over $40, late delivery times up to 10pm, no minimum order
  • Cons- Must be a prime member

Instacart- Use of personal shoppers that hand pick and delivery your groceries. Orders will be delivered and held at bell services until you pick them up.

  • Pros- Can order from multiple stores in an order, can deliver alcohol, offers coupons
  • Cons- Extras and charges depending on time, $10 minimum order fee

Walmart-You can shop the largest supermarket store at their regular store pricing and get free delivery to your resort hotel.

  • Pros: convenient, inexpensive (same in store pricing), familiar, offers same day delivery, multiple stores within the Orlando area
  • Cons: no alcohol, minimum order and varying fees

Having groceries delivered to Walt Disney World is easier than ever before!  Chat with your PPV agent for further tips on making the most of grocery delivery and whether it makes sense for your vacation.


Check out this links for further info on Walt Disney World Policies and Rules