During our recent agency trip to Walt Disney World I had the opportunity to spend time in Batuu.  Growing up with a Dad who Loved Star Wars, I was eager to spend time exploring the land. The highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to ride Rise of the resistance. This experience was incredible.  Calling this an attraction does not do it justice.  It’s an experience that give you the opportunity to be a part of the Rebel Alliance.

Throughout the time spent in Batuu, I was able to see Storm Troopers monitoring the area, and Chewy and Rae were also spotted.  Later in the evening Kylo Ren and the storm troopers were interacting with guests of the outpost from a raised platform.  Kylo Ren’s response when someone from the crowd yelled how’s your mother, was a highlight.  Every interaction with cast members and characters helps to create the feeling of having been transported to the outpost.

Evening drinks at Oga’s cantina was the perfect way to end my day on Batuu.  The Menu combines familiar ingredients in new ways to create one of a kind selections available only at Oga’s.  The atmosphere inside the Cantina is one of fun and relaxation with a robot DJ spinning intergalactic hits.


Rise of the Resistance:

Rise of the Resistance is not your typical theme park ride.  Like Galaxy’s Edge it is an immersive experience. As you enter the queue for the experience, your magic band or key to the world/ticket will be scanned.  Have them ready.  From this moment on it is very difficult to determine where the queue ends and the experience begins.  As you move through several different areas of the attraction you will participate as a member of the resistance and experience first-hand what it means when you interact with the First order.  Star Wars fans this is your chance to defend the rebel alliance against the dark side.

In order to experience this for yourself you will need to get in to a boarding group.  Boarding group reservations can be made from your My Disney Experience app. Boarding groups are available at 7am and 1 pm daily.  You must have a park reservation for that day to be included in a boarding group.  Boarding groups go very quickly, often within a minute or less.  Be sure to be ready, a few minutes before the opening time and follow the tips provided by your PPV Inc. agent.


The Market:

Batuu has its own market area near featuring shops like Black Spire Outfitters, Toydarian Toymaker The Creature Stall and more.  The market is full of exclusive merchandise, so make sure you grab all of your Black Spire Outpost merchandise before you leave Batuu.

Oga’s Cantina:

On Batuu a tiny hole in the wall is a must see destination.  It’s easy to miss so be sure to ask a local for Directions, Oga’s Cantina is a watering hole full of libations for kids of all ages. Complete with Batuu Bites, a charcuterie board of intergalactic treats, Oga’s Cantina is well worth the several light years trip. The Robot Dj spins the tunes while you take a needed break from your exploration.


Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

The original attraction in Galaxy’s Edge is your opportunity to fly your own Millennium Falcon.  Teams of up to six will all play a critical role in the success of your mission.



PPV Inc. Top Galaxy’s Edge Tips;

Be on the lookout for Storm Troopers, Rey, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca.  They pop up throughout the day in a variety of places.

Be sure to grab a cold drink from one of the many street vendors, although the beverage is familiar the packaging is exclusive to Batuu.

The Milk Stand is the only place in the Galaxy to find authentic Blue and Green milk.

If your journey allows be sure to explore Batuu after dark.  The area is amazing during the day, but is breathtaking at night.



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