Planning a dream vacation by yourself can seem overwhelming… but that’s why you’ve got me! With my extensive training, firsthand knowledge, and personal experiences, I can expertly guide you to a customized trip catered to your family’s needs, wants, and budget!



Together we will plan your perfect vacation! I have experienced it all and bring that knowledge directly to you, from travelling as a couple, as a family with infants and toddlers, large extended family vacations, and as a family with special dietary needs.

I also keep an eye on all the latest specials and promotions that could possibly save you money! 

Disney has been a treasured part of my life since childhood, and that continued when I started my own family. My husband and I even spent our honeymoon at Disney World! It’s always at the top of our list for family vacations, and I am constantly planning our next trip “home.”

As a tried-and-true Disney family, we like to add a little bit of Disney magic to our everyday life. I even recreated Magic Kingdom’s Purple Wall in my office! We often watch Disney Parks Blog livestream videos, firework shows, and various attraction videos online to keep us excited until our next visit. 

I also pride myself on being an active participant in my local community, Lake Orion, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Since joining Team PPV in Fall of 2018, I have found an amazing community of business professionals with my local Chamber of Commerce. I truly believe in shopping small and supporting local businesses.  

My goal is to utilize my passion and excitement for what I do to add magic and value to your family’s dream vacation! I’ve learned so much from my own personal travels, every time learning new tips and seeing things from a new perspective.

I cannot wait to share my expertise and all that I’ve learned with you!  

  • Favorite destination: Walt Disney World
  • Favorite resort: Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Favorite experience: Capture your Moment Photo Session
  • Favorite season to travel: Spring
PPV Team Tall

Christa is amazing! My dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and Christa has done everything she can to make his dream Disney Vacation with our family, especially my kids, come true with only 6 weeks notice! I’m so impressed! I could not have made this happen without her! If you are thinking about a trip to Disney let Christa help! It’s a Game Changer. BTW, I have been to Disney many many times and have always planned it myself. It’s way better having HER!

Whitney h.

Christa was an absolute dream to work with. She was such a great resource for our Orlando trip, and was able to get us great deals. She was even there for me when I was frantically trying to figure out what to do when I forgot where my tickets were. The first time I went to Disney I booked everything on my own. The second time was through Christa and it was so much more fun and less stressful. Months after my trip I realized I never downloaded our photos and was there for me with more resources and I was able to get them downloaded!!!

Sally M.

Christa was such a HUGE help with planning our first Disney trip with my 4yo twins. She helped with every aspect of it, giving us ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of and made the trip magical. I am so grateful and HIGHLY recommend her if you are planning anything Disney. And do you know what? She didn’t charge us even $1 for her help. Amazing!

Mary M.

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