My name is Erin and I love to travel!



I have a passion for travel. I love exploring new places, trying new cuisine, and experiencing different cultures. I truly believe that travel makes us come alive!

Walt Disney World has always been a place that has made me come alive. I traveled there with my family as a young adult when my parents looked for a vacation that would appeal to their teenagers as well their toddler. When I think about those trips, I am reminded why Walt Disney created his theme parks. He wanted a place that adults and children could have fun together. I think he nailed it!

Today, seeing Disney through the eyes of my two children solidifies the ideas that it is a magical place that everyone can have fun no matter your age.

Having worked as a travel professional with Marriott Hotels for over 10 years, I bring my unique experience from the hospitality industry to the practically perfect team. I love working with families to create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Let’s talk today to plan your next adventure!

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  • Favorite destination:
    Walt Disney World
  • Favorite resort/ship:
    Grand Floridian
  • Favorite experience:
    Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT
  • Favorite season to travel: 
    January and February
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