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As a child, traveling to Disney World meant I was able to enter all of my favorite stories, meet my favorite characters and live out my dreams of being a princess walking through Cinderella’s Castle.

As a mom of 4, it means so much more.

When our family enters the “Disney bubble”, we forget the world around us and just play together.

Watching my own kids live out their favorite stories and become fully immersed in the magic makes my heart swell with joy.

It is our happy place.

That feeling is why I do what I do.

I want to help families experience that same joy and magic that comes with a vacation to any Disney destination.

When we plan together, I listen to your needs and wishes to make sure your vacation is perfect for your family.

  • Favorite destination: Walt Disney World
  • Favorite resort: Yacht Club
  • Favorite experience: Fireworks Dessert Party
  • Favorite season to travel: When the parks are decorated for Christmas
PPV Team Tall

We will never forget how she made us feel and the comfort and reassurance she kindly reminded us of during the planning journey. Knowing we wanted to make our first Disney trip/surprise with our grandkids very special, it took no time for Jennie to start planning the most memorable vacation we will always treasure! Her detailed planning was unbelievable and she worked extra hard to make sure we all got to experience adventures specific to each of us. Her true spirit of caring showed every step of the way as we planned this trip. We will never forget how she made us feel and the comfort and reassurance she kindly reminded us of during the planning journey. Thank you, Jennie from the bottom of our hearts for taking grand care of us and making this an extra special trip we will treasure always!

Mary R.

A huge heartfelt thank you to Jennie Schmitt of Practically Perfect Vacations with Jennie!! We had an amazing week at Walt Disney World and I couldn’t be more grateful! Craig and I love planning our vacations- it’s really one of my favorite aspects of traveling. This time I decided to ask Jennie for help and I am so glad I did!!! Her knowledge of WDW far surpassed my expectations. Her patience and graciousness rescheduling our trip went above and beyond. And for all of this she charged me $0.00, nada, nothing!! Jennie is so amazing she scheduled our trip to include a week of perfect weather and sunshine- beautiful enough for a pool day in early February! Thank you Jennie- I can’t wait to begin planning with you again!

Katie K.

From beginning to end, Jennie was exceptional in helping us plan a Disney trip and coordinating every step of the way for a perfect experience.  At no point did our group feel like we weren’t being exceptionally cared for.  She was attentive, informative, and even educational in helping our group understand the process. The Halcyon Galaxy’s Edge Starcruiser hotel was a completely magical experience enabled entirely by Jennie’s help. We wouldn’t use anyone else for a Disney trip, and neither should you ^_^

We were really impressed with the entire Disney experience that Jennie helped us with. I was nervous going into the trip and that all went away the second we got her involved. She listened to our ideas and took it from there. In the past our vacations have seemed to be a battle of making decisions and second guessing them the entire time. She had everything planned for us and knew what kind of timeframes to build into the itinerary. We were able to enjoy our family time together without having to stress about what decision was next. I can’t count how many times I told Casey, “well, I wouldn’t have done this any other way!” It was Perfect!

Mark W.

Jennie provided us a full-service, red carpet, worry-free, budget friendly vacation! She was open to all our questions, suggestions, issues and worries. She went over and above by providing a detailed outline of our time as well as giving us a heads up about the next day so we had very few surprises or disappointments.

Catherine Z.

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