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My name is Katie Bailey. I married my high school sweetheart, and we have two
princesses (sometimes villains) of our own, I am also a nurse and anyone who knows me, knows I have a true passion for Disney. I have been to Walt Disney World several times as a young kid, teenager and now as an adult. We have done quick trips with just the four of us, larger trips with extended family and even a few “kid-free” trips throughout the years. Each experience was unique and magical in its very own way.

Planning family vacations can be very stressful… what hotel do I stay at? What is best for “my” family? What restaurants are a must? How do I use Genie+ to its best potential? “Does the promotion work for my reservation?” I can help with all of these questions and my services are 100% complimentary to you.

I love helping families figure out what is best for them. I have lots of advice and many recommendations. I would work with you from the day you book your deposit until the day of travel- heck, even while you are there. Helping you every step of the way!

My ultimate goal would be to create many lasting memories of an unforgettable, stress-free trip.

I would love to help you book your next magical vacation. As Walt Disney says, “The way to get started is too quit talking and begin doing.”

One of my most favorite memories happened at Walt Disney World, my daughter Samantha picked out a Mickey mousekeeter hat. We went and had it embroidered with her name on it, she LOVED it… wore it to every park and never took it off. One of our days at Hollywood Studios there were two cast members who were selling balloons, they saw Samantha sitting with my husband, while Addie and I were on Tower of Terror… they went over to her and said “Is your name Samantha?” She replied, “yes”. One of the girls said, “Well my name is Samantha and her name is also Samantha…we have a lot of balloons and thought we should give one to our new friend Samantha”. Samantha was thrilled! They let her pick a balloon from the bunch. When I got off the ride, she told me the story… she was glowing, my husband had tears in his eyes. It was legit magic. Where else do these things happen?! It is truly the most magical place on Earth! Making family memories and creating happiness is the number one thing Walt Disney envisioned and this is seen throughout the parks and passed on by the amazing cast members. A moment we will never forget.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone so we can start this exciting

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