All about Sofia

 Vacation Specialist

Hello! My name is Sofia Brushaber and I am here to make your next vacation as hassle free as possible. Allowing you the opportunity to truly enjoy and make wonderful memories with your family; without all the stress that planning a vacation can ultimately bring.

I grew up in the Metro Orlando area; therefore, I pride myself on having the unique ability to give you the “inside scoop” from a locals insight of the Central Florida Area, which I hope can only enhance your vacation experience. My husband, daughter and I now live in Maryville, Tennessee which is a beautiful little town in East Tennessee leading right up to the Smoky Mountains. We have moved across the country multiple times, and we have also been fortunate enough to have traveled to world… But our favorite place to be will always be Disney World.

With my complimentary services, I hope that my travels and experiences will help your family have the most magical and “stressless” vacation as possible. I’ve traveled the world alone, as a young couple, got married on a cruise, traveled internationally with an infant, traveled to Disney with an infant and then again with a toddler…. Let my mistakes work to your benefit! Where do you change a baby in a plane? Where are the nursing and changing areas in each park? How does parent swap work? What dinner shows impressed a two year old the most? What about a picky husband? What if there is a game on TV, is there a place to catch it? And my all-time favorite; Where Is the closest Urgent Care to take a sick baby that just vomited all over mom and dad on a Disney Bus? Again… My experience is your gain!

Booking with me means that I will stay up to date on the best deals, experiences and events and will be there for you for every step along the way! Even when you are already at the parks/cruise/resorts/etc. I take care of all the tedious steps, travel arrangements, and will wake up at 4am to get your child the character dining experience of their dreams. Plus, all of my services are FREE to you!!!

Contact me today so that we can begin the planning journey! I am happy to walk you through the entire process; from quote, to getting you to the magic.