Why should I sail with Disney?

Disney Cruise Line

If you are interested in a cruise, there is no better way to sail, than with Disney!

Included in your cruise:

  • all regular meals
  • kid’s clubs
  • most onboard activities (as well as Castaway!)

The only thing not included is alcohol and a few adult-only dining options.

So, although it’s not a “cheap” cruise, it really is valuable in inclusions and the service just can’t be beaten! I sailed this past May with my family, and it was by far the best vacation we have ever taken!

There are currently 4 Disney Cruise ships… there are 3 more being imagineered to set sail in the next 4 years!

Disney Dream & Fantasy are the newest ships and are modeled similarly to each other. They are the larger of the four ships and are packed with amazing amenities!

Disney Magic & Wonder are the original Disney Cruise Line ships and while they are a bit smaller than the Dream and Fantasy, they are full of charm and magic!

Many people ask, why Disney? It’s so much more expensive than other cruise lines, and can’t be worth it – WRONG! A Disney cruise is beyond worth every single penny! The service is impeccable, the food is amazing, and the entertainment can’t be beaten!

You can even enjoy themed deck parties with- you guessed it – fireworks off the ship!!! Where else can you enjoy a show like that in the ocean?! While this is geared toward families, there is also lots of fun for adults to enjoy a little alone time too, while the kiddos enjoy state-of-the-art and completely safe and secure children’s activities.

Disney Kids Cruise

From the nursery for infants, all the way to the teen years, there is an activity to meet every child’s interests. The clubs are completely secure too, as the children wear specialized tracking bracelets and parents must have a secret passcode to enter!

Disney’s private island – Castaway Cay, is almost reason enough to sail with Disney…. it has been rated #1 cruise line private island for a reason! As life gets more and more busy and expensive, I know I don’t want to settle for an OK vacation with my family. I want to enjoy the BEST vacation with my family – Disney Cruise Line is simply the best!

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