Walt Disney World Travel Protection

Almost every family that we plan for asks if they NEED travel insurance… Oh we wish we had a crystal ball to tell each and every one of you if you are going to need travel insurance. Walt Disney Travel Company offers travel protection on all of their vacation packages, whether it be Disney World, Disney Cruise Line or other Disney destinations and the coverage is great! Like we have said many times over, Disney does it right. No one plans a magical vacation hoping to need to use their travel protection, but if you do need it, wouldn’t you rather it be there? For a small fee per traveler, you can truly enjoy the magic of it all, knowing that you are covered if something were to happen. We say, if you are questioning purchasing travel protection, it is probably a good idea! Below, are the top reasons to say yes to travel insurance;

  • Trip Cancellation,
  • Trip Interruption,
  • Trip Delay
  • Emergency Medical and Evacuation Expenses

Here is a link for full benefit coverage information: TravelProtectionPlan WDW

Jen St. Gelais