All about Whitney

Lead Agent

I joined the Practically Perfect Vacations team for two very important reasons! First, because I LOVE Disney!!! I loved it when I was a kiddo and I love it now that I can take my own.  It’s the most MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH….really it IS! Second, because Disney planning can be overwhelming!! My goal is to share Disney FUN with other mommas who were once like me- over worked and overwhelmed with one more thing to plan and think through. I have SO been there! I am so excited to take my own experiences and use them to help you create the most cost effective, time efficient, perfect for your family, totally and fabulously awesome vaca!


It absolutely exceeded our expectations.

Whitney helped me plan my family’s Disney vacation. It absolutely exceeded our expectations.

We did the VIP experience and it definitely changed the feel of our trip. I know it is expensive, but it was well worth the money. We were able to fit so much into one day on a VIP tour that it allowed to be so much more relaxed on the other days. We didn’t feel the pressure to squeeze so many other things into our day. Macey was so great that we asked for her for another day. Our kids loved her and she went above and beyond. She pushed strollers, rode rides, cleaned up lunch, thought ahead of what we would need and want.

– Meghan
Whitney planned our dream vacation!

Whitney planned our dream vacation! It was our first Disney vacation with our 8-year-old son and 5-year-old girl. Whitney had excellent recommendations for what they would enjoy, every reservation for the hotel, meals, and fast passes were a huge hit! We went during spring break, which was very busy, but thanks to her suggestions we got to do everything we wanted to do plus much more! We will definitely use Whitney again for future vacations, thank you! 

– Lindsay

Some of the different experiences I draw from when planning trips have come from taking my own kids to Walt Disney World. We’ve been with just one of them, with two of them, and then with all three of them plus a teenager. We’ve been to Disney at Christmas time and taken full advantage of all the festivities and holiday fun. We’ve been to Disney on birthdays, celebrating in the parks with special birthday cakes delivered to the restaurants and surprise gifts delivered to the room. We’ve been in the summer when the crowds are high and the temps are hot. I’ve even been with No KIDS at all! My hubby and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past June with an 8 day trip to Walt Disney World….BY OURSELVES!! Seriously, we did!!  We rode rides, visited the spa, took advantage of all the best restaurants Disney has to offer, and had the most magical time in an entirely new sort of way! Disney is definitely no longer just for the little guys.

Drawing from all of my past experiences and most importantly, from being a full time stay at home momma – I definitely have a good grasp on doing Disney with a family and on a budget. One of the best parts of my job is that I can offer my services completely FREE to you! That’s right, you pay nothing. I am paid by Disney, not the client. We work hand in hand with Disney bringing you the very deals they are offering. There is no up charging or additional fees. Whatever Disney is charging are the prices and packages we’re putting together for you! What is also so great about this job is that it’s truly customizable from client to client. I can assist you in as little or as much of the planning as you’d like. If you’re into Pinterest and Disney Blogs and planning excites you, you can book through me (with the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting the very best deal available) but then, via “My Disney Experience” online, you can schedule and book all of your own dining, fast passes etc. However, for those who want to do nothing at all, you can book through me and I’ll arrange every detail of your trip. There’s really nothing to lose!

Finally, I am crazy excited to also insert in my slight obsession with all things boutique, custom, creative, and personal into planning your trip. Those that know me at all know that I know the “best” Disney outfit designers for every day of the week! I’ve done extensive research on the most legit pin salesmen on ebay and the cutest custom lanyards on etsy. I’ve created my own custom countdown boards and games and fun and I know who makes the neatest digital autograph books to be printed and brought along with you on your trip. I would LOVE to merge my love for DISNEY, my love for MOMMAS, and my love for all things CUSTOM, BOUTIQUE, and ONE OF A KIND into one big fabulous, personalized trip for you!! I’ll help you plan your trip while also sharing my most favorite planning secrets, sites, and shops.

As a momma, we know that the work is in the details but that’s also where the memories are made and the trip becomes one that is so personal and special for our families. I so look forward to teaming with you in planning and personalizing your dream vacation!!