Your Day on Castaway!

Your Day on Castaway Cay


Cayastaway Cay is Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas. This means it was designed for Disney Cruise Line guests only and a Disney Cruise is the only way you can get there. Cool, right? The island is truly paradise, the closest thing we can have to Neverland in reality, and is packed with things to do or places where you can do nothing at all. I’m also happy to report that Disney’s excellent service, detail, and sense of magic is alive and well here as well, just like the theme parks that everyone loves.

Start the day early!

Towels are provided; As soon as you disembark the ship during your day on Castaway Cay, Cast Members are there distributing towels so there’s no need to bring any from your stateroom. Of course, you still can bring your own beach towels if you like or purchase souvenir beach towels from the shops on the island. At the end of the day, there is place to drop your used towels before heading back on the ship.

Strollers/Wheelchairs/Wagons  are available and complimentary- they are first come first serve, so get to them early if you want one!

CABANAS; Okay, you’re doing your research online and you spot the Castaway Cay Cabanas. You’re intrigued, right? You should be! If you’re lucky enough to reserve a cabana, you are going to be spoiled rotten. Your all day cabana rental will include snacks, towels, a fresh water shower, hammock, unlimited bottled water and soda, fresh fruit, a selection of magazines, comfortable seating, sunscreen, beach toys, included recreational rentals (snorkel, tubes, bicycles), and dedicated staff and more! Talk to your PPV agent if you have interest in securing a rental- they are VEYR TOUGH to get!

Activities & Excursions; There are many activities and excursions that you can book for your day on the island, such as bikes, snorkeling gear, water trikes, a stink ray adventure and much more! Check out the activity list when you complete your online check in!

Do some shopping; There are three stores on the island: She Sells Seashells & Everything Else, Buy the Sea Shore, and Cultural Illusions. The first two sell pretty much the same stuff, such as Castaway Cay tees, dresses, sand toys, pins, and towels. Cultural Illusions is different in that it specializes in Bahamian items.

Hair Braiding; You can have your hair braided on the ship and on Castaway Cay. There are several local women who braid hair on the island. Just stop at their hair braiding area, which is located along the main path while walking on Castaway Cay.

Know When and Where to Eat Lunch – Food on the island, as well as on the ship, is free! To us, that’s one of the greatest things about cruising. There is a buffet that is offered at 3 locations throughout the island from 1130-2pm. You can find beach bars, ice cream stations, and soft drink stations too! With the exception of alcohol, all food and soft drinks are included in your cruise!


NO Cash needed– any purchases made on the island can be charged to your stateroom account.

Use the Tram – The main mode of transportation around Castaway Cay, besides your own legs, is the tram. The walk through the island is longer than it may look from the ship, so I encourage cruisers to take advantage of it. The tram has two stops, and there is a second tram dedicated to the adults-only Serenity Bay.

Snorkel Early– W love this Port Adventure! Of course it’s awesome because you get to swim with some of Castaway Cay’s tropical fish and check out the lagoon’s Hidden Mickeys and shipwrecks, but what makes this Port Adventure a great choice for first timer’s is it’s flexibility and great deal. All you have to do is pick up your gear at Gils’ Fins and Boats or Flippers n Floats and its yours for the whole day for only $31.18 per adult (ages 10 and up) or $15.05 (ages 5 to 9). The Snorkeling Lagoon is connected to the Family Beach, which is super convenient, and offers 22 acres to snorkel including a beginner trail. My family and I snorkeled off and on all day. It was a Port Adventure we could enjoy on our own time. But we suggest that you snorkel in the morning if possible as the water grew cloudier and the fish kept more of a distance in the afternoon hours, probably because there were more snorkelers out and about later in the day.

Kids club; there is a kids club on the island for both kids and teens! You can also make use of the Small World Nursery back on the ship.

Send a Postcard from the island! There is a real functioning Bahamian Post Office operating on Castaway Cay. However, it isn’t open every day, and when it is open, their hours can be somewhat sporadic. But even if the post office is not open, as long as you have your post card with correct postage, you can drop it in the drop box outside the post office or even at Guest Services on the ship. Either way your post card will be delivered with a Castaway Cay postmark.

Rather than worrying about trying to buy a stamp to mail your card while on the island, instead you can purchase a Bahamian stamp at Guest Services while on the ship.

Postcards are available to purchase at the shops at Castaway but the shops are nowhere near the post office which is right next to the dock. You can use the free postcards from the desk drawer in your stateroom or Disney has more postcards for sale in the gift shops on the ship.

Feeling like a splurge? Go on, you DESERVE it!

Get an open air massage while on the island. Sure, they are a bit pricey (you’re on a Disney vacation after all) but it’s a wonderful sensation having a rub down in a private cabana on Disney’s private island. Enjoy “all the feels” as you listen to the sound of the waves and the perfect tropical breeze blows through the windows.

Make your reservation for a massage as early as possible. It’s pure magic.

Hopefully you don’t need this; There is an infirmary on Castaway Cay. In case of a cut, scrape or other minor injury, they can provide iodine, bandages, and other supplies at no extra charge. It’s located close to Scuttle’s Cove.

Character Greetings; If you’re interested in meeting one of the characters on Castaway Cay, pay close attention to the scheduled times and be there on time. Each character greeting usually lasts only 15 minutes.

Locations and times are listed in your Navigator.

Wave Phones; The Wave Phones on the other hand DO work on Castaway Cay.

There are 2 phones per cabin and there is not a charge to use them. If you need Additional Wave Phones, they can be borrowed at Guest Services for a small additional fee.

Don’t rush back to the ship

The key to having the perfect day at Castaway Cay is to pace yourself. You only get one day on this spectacular island, so make the most of it. Make sure you drink lots of water  and apply sunscreen throughout the day.

Like certain theme parks, Castaway Cay tends to empty out about an hour before “closing” (in this case the all aboard time usually 4:30 PM)

Click here for a map of Castaway Cay 

We hope you have the most MAGICAL day on Disney’s most MAGICAL island!