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In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: The Macedonian Conquest of the Near East

Thessaloniki, Troy, Pergamon,
Ephesus, Bodrum, Ankara and Istanbul

Here is your chance to travel in the very footsteps of Alexander the Great as the young king set out to conquer the known world. You will explore up close the world of Alexander as you visit where he grew up, where he fought and where he ruled. This incredible adventure follows the actual route of the Macedonians in Greece and Turkey as they smashed the Persian army in momentous battles and liberated the great Hellenic cities of the Near East. This fascinating itinerary takes you to the most spectacular sites of the Greco-Roman world. You will encounter grand ancient monuments, compelling sacred precincts and outstanding archaeological excavations and museums that bring the past to life. You also will enjoy Turkey’s breathtakingly beautiful turquoise coast, the dynamic cities of Thessaloniki, Istanbul and Ankara and delicious Greek and Turkish local cuisine. Some of the greatest ruins of antiquity, dynamic historic cities filled with stellar attractions and vibrant Mediterranean seaside resorts! The world of Alexander the Great beckons to you!

Highlights Include:

  • The ancient Greek capitals of Pella and Vergina which showcase striking Macedonian royal tombs and fabulous mosaics
  • The fabled city of Troy, home to nine different civilizations
  • The Granicus and Issus battlefields where Alexander and his outnumbered army decisively defeated the huge Persian forces of Darius III, the Great King

  • The spectacularly well preserved ancient cities of Pergamon, Miletus and Ephesus

  • Bodrum, Turkey’s finest seaside resort and the site of the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  • Ankara, the dynamic modern capital of the Republic of Turkey

  • Gordion, the historic spot where Alexander the Great famously cut the Gordian Knot

  • The magnificent metropolis of Istanbul which boasts some of the greatest monuments of the Greco-Roman and Islamic worlds


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