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Start Up Nation: Modern Israel, an Economic, Cultural and Technological Powerhouse

Embark on an immersive journey through modern Israel, an impressively prosperous, culturally rich and technologically advanced country that punches far above its weight. Israel is justly renowned as an outstanding tourist destination boasting iconic religious sights, incredible historic monuments, biblical landscapes, beautiful beaches and a thriving food, wine, and arts scene. Overlooked by many travelers is the amazing story of Modern Israel, the young country born in conflict and poverty, that is today one of the most successful countries in the world. Your trip will focus on Israel’s remarkable transformation into Start Up Nation, one of the globe’s most technologically innovative and advanced societies. You also will have ample time to experience the Holy Land’s most compelling traditional and inspiring sights. Vibrant cities, fascinating museums, great shopping, spectacular scenery and fabulous food and wine…THIS TRIP MAKES MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!

Highlights include:

  • The Old City of Jerusalem, the most compelling and beautiful city on earth, and the focal point of humanity’s three great monotheistic faiths.

  • Tel Aviv’s dynamic beach scene, café culture and nightlife.

  • Caesarea, a spectacularly situated archaeological site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Haifa, Israel’s bustling port city and technology hub.

  • Akko, the walled medieval crusader city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • A boat ride on the sublime Sea of Galilee.

  • A visit to a technologically empowered Kibbutz.

  • The Negev, the harsh desert that Israeli technology has made to bloom.

  • Amazing shopping in traditional markets and Middle Eastern souks.

  • Delicious Israeli cuisine.

  • Amazing shopping in traditional markets.