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The Roman Empire

Decline, Fall, and Resurgence
(Italy, Germany, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey)

This incredible journey focuses on the decline, fall and remarkable resurgence of the Roman Empire. It is a cultural adventure through time and space that explores stunning imperial capitals such as Rome, Ravenna, Split, Thessaloniki, and Istanbul. Travelling through the heart of the Roman Empire, you will discover breathtaking historic sights, long forgotten monuments, and charming ancient seaside towns. Everyone knows that the Empire fell, this immersive trip through centuries long ago provides profound insights into how and why this most famous event in the history of western civilization transpired. Add in fabulous food and wine and some of Europe’s most compelling landscapes and you have THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

Highlights Include:

  • The monumental sights of Ancient Rome including the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Vatican
  • The Salarian Gate through which the Barbarians stormed to sack the city.
  • The glittering mosaics of Ravenna, considered by many art historians the most beautiful works of art ever created.
  • The sublime Grand Canal of Venice
  • Constantine’s magnificent Throne room in Trier
  • The Emperor Diocletian’s stupendous palace and the ancient port of Split
  • The medieval splendor of the walled city of Dubrovnik
  • The amazing Byzantine sights of Thessaloniki
  • Istanbul’s spellbinding Hiaga Sophia, the most beautiful building of the ancient world