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Home of the Vikings and the World’s Happiest Countries

Get ready for a fabulous journey to Scandinavia, the home of the Vikings and some of the worlds, happiest and most engaging countries. The Nordic states a Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland feature breathtaking, natural scenery, cutting edge, architecture, and design, bustling modern capital, cities and parentheses don’t forget) beautiful blondes. And the public imagination, Scandinavia is most renowned as the land of the Vikings and incredible Viking sites abound along with other top, rated cultural venues and outstanding culinary scene. A smorgasbord of delights awaits you!

Highlights include:

  • Wonderful cozy Copenhagen: home to charming architecture and atmospheric cafes and waterways.
  • Amazingly preserved thousand-year-old Viking ships and the chance to sail on an authentic replica Viking craft.
  • The world-famous Norway in a Nutshell scenic train and boat excursion through Norway’s spectacular mountains and fjords.
  • The salty Hanseatic port of Bergen, known for its ancient wooden structures and fresh seafood.
  • Majestic Stockholm, Scandinavia ‘s international showplace, featuring outstanding medieval precinct, fascinating museums, and the world’s best-preserved 16th-century battleship.
  • An overnight cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki through the beautiful 30,000-island Stockholm Archipelago.
  • Helsinki’s internationally renowned modern architecture and its engaging shopping neighborhood designated as the Design District.