Chairman Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro brought Imagineering Portfolio Creative Engineer Chris Beatty on stage along with Walt Disney Animation Studios Chef Creative Officer Jennifer Lee discuss “blue sky”ideas at the D23 Expo

During the D23 Expo panel, “A Boundless Future — Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products” Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, Jennifer Lee, Creative Chief Officer of Walt Disney Animation, and Chris Beatty, Creative Portfolio Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, introduced some of what the Disney Imagineering team is dreaming up for future theme park experiences.

It is important to note that these are not confirmed projects. They are referred to as “blue sky” ideas, so these could change. These ideas look at reimagining Dinoland USA in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and building out “beyond Big Thunder Mountain” in Disney’s Magic Kingdom park.

Let’s take a look at what could be coming!


Rumors have been circulating for quite some time about the reimagining of Dinoland USA. For this “blue sky” idea, imagineers are exploring two new lands themed after Moana and Zootopia.

Disney Imagineers provided this concept art as a look into what may be ahead for Disney’s Animal Kingdom park

This project seems to be a top priority as Primeval Whirl in Dinoland USA has already been demolished. The area that was home to Primeval Whirl could be the perfect fit for a Moana themed water attraction. The attraction to the right looks to be a replacement for the current Triceratops Spin with potentially another attraction moving into the existing Dinosaur ride building. This concept art is more detailed than what was presented for Disney’s Magic Kingdom which makes us speculate they are further along in its development.


The “blue sky” ideas presented for Magic Kingdom park drew a lot of excitement from the audience. There has been a desire to see Coco and now the recently popular Encanto movie have a place in the parks. Disney Imagineers are listening and seem to be working on creating a space “beyond Big Thunder Mountain”.

They started with concept art of Santa Cecilia, Mexico. The home of the beloved movie, Coco. Along with this they showed an image of Miguel from Coco flying on the back of Pepita over the Land of the Dead. Our minds speculated a possible attraction similar to Flight of Passage. Could it be??

D23 Expo image of Miguel from Coco flying on the back of Pepita over the Land of the Dead

Next up they moved onto the new movie, Encanto, with a teaser that guests could possibly visit the Madrigal home. Guests could walk into the casita, explore Antonio’s room, Bruno’s tower and step up to the magical door to discover your own gift! Wow!! Now that would be an amazing experience for all Encanto fans!

Just beyond Big Thunder Mountain guests may enter Santa Cecilia, Mexico, the mountains of Columbia and a land of villains.

Finally, a land that has been in demand for quite sometime, was announced as potentially becoming part of Magic Kingdom park. Could we be visiting the villains? It created quite the excitement among the audience! Details were very vague but it does seem Disney has its eyes set on a villain themed land and/or attraction.

Again, these ideas are what they are possibly dreaming up. We are very excited to see what could come of these. What do you think?

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